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designs that influence. solutions that work.

How many ways are there to describe graphic design joined with printing solutions? How about:

  • One-Stop-Shop

  • Concept to Completion

  • Design to Delivery

  • Idea to “I LOVE it!”

Graphic design adds so much to your communication process. A custom logo design can evoke a feeling or emotion, tell a story, take you somewhere, or bring you back. A clear layout, designed around the information, can get your message across, telling your story without question.

Then, no need to look for print vendors – I have all the resources needed to quote, order, and deliver printed materials right to your door. This service is added value I offer you, a busy professional, to free up time for YOU to add more value to what you do best.

I was listening to a spot on NPR one morning about the value of a message. One thing stuck with me – if you can CLEARLY get your message across in six words, that’s POWERFUL!

designs that influence. solutions that work.

I’d love to help you tell your story in a bold, beautiful, memorable way – with all the right printed solutions. My visual story is right below. Get in touch for a free consultation, and find out what your “e” stands for. Let’s see if we click!

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I am fortunate to work with some AMAZING customers! Every project is a new opportunity to help tell a story, with the right graphics, and the best printed solutions!

Let's see if we click!

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People are so NICE!

It’s hot to see my company name, all “decked” out! Makes me feel more official. I’ve learned some things about logo design along the way, and what we ended up with looks great. Kim was more than willing to adjust and change the logo, even minute little bits, and she’s really nice! Thanks so much!

Thanks SO much!

Kimberlee Bush is extremely talented. She is a leader to her customers. Kim’s leadership skills are unparalleled and she is always on top of her game with the latest enhancements in digital imaging. Her skill level is unparalleled to her peers and yet she is modest and humble. I have discovered that her most valuable asset is her creativity and sense of urgency. Through her creativity and sense of urgency she has supported dealerships across the nation to increase market share and build a platform of excellence.