5 Business Ideas For Using Google Alerts

5 Business Ideas for Using Google Alerts

Google Alerts is one of many tools entrepreneurs can use in their business. There are several ways and reasons to use Google Alerts. Here are five ideas to get you started.

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#1 For Prospecting

If you’re in sales or a sole proprietor, you need to be prospecting all the time. Set up Google Alerts for each company you need to learn more about. You’ll be notified every time the company is mentioned in the news, blog posts, or on the web. This gives you current events and news to use in prospecting conversations, especially if the news highlights a topic or area you can help with. You can do the same for your clients, to keep up with things in their world.

#2 Monitor Topics

You can choose any topic you like. A good example for business use might be a Google Alert for “LLC Public Notice.” This alert will let you know when new LLCs are formed and filed and could mean new business opportunities in your area. If you allow Google to track your location, the results will be location specific and more relevant to brick & mortar or location dependent services.

#3 Plagiarism Checker

If you write a business blog or have published a book or other intellectual property, this Google Alert can notify you of potential plagiarism. Set up the Google Alert to search for a unique line of text from your published work, surrounded by double quotes. Then you can research the returned results to verify their sources.

#4 Competitive Awareness

You can set up Google Alerts for your competitors’ businesses, products, or services so you are aware of what they are doing, who they are serving, or how they are advertising. It’s always good to know what’s going on in your industry.

#5 Vanity Searches

Having Google Alerts set up on all variations of your own business name will let you know whenever someone else mentions your business. It lets you understand how others see and share info about your business, and it allows you to address issues before they become problems.

Here are INSTRUCTIONS to set up a Google Alert, and the LINK to set up your own Google Alerts. Let me know in the comments how you use Google Alerts in your business. #egraphicstips

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