About Me

Hey, I’m Kim Bush, the creative force behind Evergreene Graphics.

I create custom logo designs for online business entrepreneurs who are TOTALLY over trying to do everything for their business by themselves. Does this sound like you? If so, keep reading…

I’ll help you get EXACTLY what you want – the perfect logo design for your business, service, product or event – AND it will speak directly to your ideal customer.

I’ll help you turn your jumbled ideas into the face of your brand – a silent sales person that builds your visual brand recognition and reputation.

I’ve got incredibly relevant credentials and experience:

  • Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Graphic Design
  • Master of Science Degree in Print Media

And I’ve been creating custom logo designs since high school. Just don’t ask when that was (hint: before computers took over, lol). Let’s just say I’ve got YEARS of logo design experience.

When I’m not designing logos, creating awesome graphic designs, and otherwise running my business, I’m a volunteer mentor with SCORE, I donate graphic design services to local charities and groups, and I spend time with my family.

We have three dogs and two cats. Blue is my deaf rescue pit bull who is white with blue eyes and a black nose. Ruger is my daughter’s chocolate brown pit bull, she’s a spitfire. Brian is my boyfriend’s lovable Lab mix who is afraid of water and loud noises. Forrest is our large orange tiger cat who sleeps a lot. And Jackson, the newest member, is a grey tiger cat who thinks he is the great grey hunter.

My boyfriend is the production manager at a local yogurt plant. My daughter is an administrative assistant with a vacation rental company, and she lives in Bozeman, Montana (my only vacation destination lately).

Want to know more? Here are some fun facts about me:

  1. I love riding my motorcycle (no back seats for me)!
  2. Sorry vegetarians/vegans, but I’m a hunter, successful with bow, rifle & shotgun. I like fishing, too.
  3. All-time favorite toy – My lifted and modified Jeep Wrangler. Back roads to rock crawling, no problem!
  4. I’d rather work in the garage than clean house or go shopping. Really!
  5. I love to cook, homemade is so much better.
  6. I. Love. Beer. I even made my own for a while.
  7. My favorite shoes are 3 inch stilettos, leather biker boots, and flip flops.
  8. I have a commercial drivers license to drive a school bus. I dare you to try THAT for a few months!

The rest are on my bucket list:

  1. Drive a monster truck.
  2. Visit and explore Hawaii and Alaska, non-tourist style.
  3. Retire and live in an RV with a toy hauler, so I can travel around the country and see the sights from my motorcycle.

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Kim Bush