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Small Business Checklist :: Branding + Graphic Design

Thinking of starting a small business? Already in business and looking to grow? There are plenty of new business checklists and how-to articles on the Internet. I did a search this week to see what other people are recommending for “list of graphics design needs for small business.” I was very surprised there weren’t very many useful results. So, hopefully my branding checklist will fill a gap AND help small businesses build a strong brand at the same time.

Not every business will need or use all the items on this list, but it might give you ideas, or a reminder of something you want to plan for in the future.

A critical element in all good branding is a strong logo design. Along with all the messaging and values that are part of your brand, a logo design visually ties together all of your branded materials. That’s why it’s first on the branding checklist…

  1. Logo Design (keystone of business branding)
  2. Business Cards (calling card and networking)
  3. Letterhead (correspondence, print or electronic)
  4. Brochure (sales and marketing)
  5. Newsletter (communication)
  6. Flyers/Sales Sheets (sales and marketing)
  7. Envelopes (communication)
  8. Labels: return address, shipping (communication)
  9. Web Graphics: website and social media (sales, marketing and communication)
  10. Ads: print and online (sales and marketing)
  11. Signage: buildings, interior and exterior (communication)
  12. Signage: vehicles, billboards (communication)
  13. Apparel: shirts, hats, uniforms (presentation and branding)
  14. Promotional: pens, mugs, calendars, etc. (presentation and branding)
  15. Post cards: direct mail (communication)
  16. Folders (presentation and branding)
  17. Notepads (presentation and branding)
  18. Presentations (sales and marketing)
  19. Launch Packages (sales and marketing)
  20. Product Packaging (sales and marketing)

This list is not comprehensive, but definitely enough to give you ideas to get started and/or grow your business. Businesses will have different needs, depending on their niche and industry.

Did I miss something you think is critical to include on this list? Let me know in the comments below.

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Kim Bush

Owner of Evergreene Graphics.
Kim strives to be a valuable marketing partner to her clients through design, sharing, mentoring, and connecting - knowing a foundation based on giving fosters growth for everyone involved.

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    1. Hi Marian, thanks so much for the kind words. I want to help business owners help themselves develop strong brands. Stay tuned for more articles with this in mind. Kim

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