Why Do You Need A Customer Avatar For Business Logo Design?

Why do you need a customer avatar for business logo design?

Have you ever tried to create your own business logo design?

Do you really like to play around and create your own business logo designs? But you’re self-taught, and not sure if they’re good enough? Maybe you’re pretty sure they’re kinda… terrible.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Lots of people have tried to create their own logo designs, with varying levels of success. Training and skill are not the only route to creating your own logo. Knowing your business and your customers are just as important!

Ultimately your logo needs to appeal to your clients and customers more than to you. Yes, it’s your business, and you should like your logo design. But, you wouldn’t have a business without customers, so it’s really more important that they like your logo design.


How do you figure that out?

You start with identifying your ideal customer avatar, and create an imaginary (or real) person to represent her. Include the basics like name, age, occupation, where she works and lives. Write her story, and spell out why she loves doing business with you. What problem do you solve for her? How do you make her life better? Why does she come to you over your competitors? Write it all down.

Next, find a photo of her, give her a name, a family, a home, a car, a career– essentially tell her story with a perspective of how your business, service, or product fits into her life.

ideal customer avatar 2ideal customer avatar

Now you’re one step closer to understanding why your business logo design should appeal to your ideal client before you.

Want some more tools to help you get started with creating your own logo?

Sign up to get a free Logo Design Success Toolkit! There’s an ideal customer avatar exercise, along with creative brief templates, and a brand checklist.

I’d love to hear about your ideal customer avatar and logo design efforts! Drop me a note to share.

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Kim strives to be a valuable marketing partner to her clients through design, sharing, mentoring, and connecting - knowing a foundation based on giving fosters growth for everyone involved.

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