Need Help Talking About A Logo Design Project?

Need help talking about a logo design project with your graphic designer?

I was doing some sleuthing on Facebook, hoping to find someone I could help out. I came across this post:

I hired a graphic designer to redo my logo design. She’s sent me a third round of iterations, but I still don’t like any of them. I’ve tried to send her inspirational images, logo designs I like, creative brief, a short ICA (ideal customer avatar), even a set of fonts I like. What are some things you’ve learned about how to communicate with your graphic designer? Or if you are a graphic designer, what sort of info do you need to understand the client? How do you prefer to have that info communicated?

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Wow, this was like finding gold! At first glance, it sounds like the client did everything she could communicate her desires, right? But without more info, or hearing both sides, I have to take some guesses as to what happened. Let’s break this down, and discuss it as if you are this client.

First, how are you communicating? In this example, I know the Facebook community you are in is huge, over 13,000 members all over the world. My guess is you were communicating by Facebook messenger and email, possibly Skype. A lot of meaning can be lost when communicating in writing (messaging), and even Skype is distracting with its stutters and pauses. I would suggest supplementing writing with phone calls. It’s the next best thing to meeting in person. Tone of voice will help relay the importance of the info you’re sharing with your graphic designer. Discuss why you sent each element, what you like about them, how are you can see them incorporated into your logo design. Sending samples, colors and fonts is only part of the solution. Graphic designers are visual thinkers, so as you are describing what you want, likely she is on the other end of the phone sketching as you talk.

Next, let’s discuss your ICA. Sharing a short ICA will help, but what if you sent the full length version? You know, the one that tells the story of your customer’s life, hopes, dreams and challenges. That would be so much more helpful to your graphic designer.

Now, onto the creative brief. This one made me pause… usually the creative brief comes from the graphic designer after an initial consultation and work agreement. It’s a document that explains how the graphic designer interprets the customers logo design needs, and explains how they will work together and who is responsible for what. I would tell you to request a creative brief from your graphic designer, then discuss and modify it back and forth until you are both satisfied and completely agree on the scope of your logo design project.

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So to recap–talk to your graphic designer, by phone or in person. Then share supporting information by email. The supporting info should include a comprehensive ICA for the best understanding. Next, ask your graphic designer to provide a creative brief for your logo design project that you both agree on.

Communicating with your graphic designer doesn’t need to be complicated. If you want to learn more about logo design requirements before you contact a graphic designer, download my e-book, Logo_Button

Good luck with your next logo design project! I’d love to hear about your experiences with hiring logo design– let me know in the comments.

Graphically yours,


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