Thank You

I am very proud of my logo that Kim designed and the stories it allows me to tell.  The new logo design has inspired me and been the impetus for an entire business makeover. Kim is so easy to talk too! I think of her as a business partner of sorts – when you fly solo, it’s nice to find like-minded people you can ask questions and share ideas with. I felt Kim added value by getting me to think about what my business is all about, and defining my business philosophy. The questions she asked were necessary because they ultimately guided how she designed my logo. Kim has the customer’s best interest at heart, and she has great customer service. I was concerned about cost, but Kim is very clear in her pricing and offers options for all budgets. Honestly, I am very pleased and working with Kim was a great experience. I wished I had done it sooner! ~ Heidi Eckerson

Great value for the time, effort and creative work! Kim is flexible in her approach. She contributed good ideas that I never thought of but also incorporated my ideas, so it was very collaborative. Working with Kim was easy!  Even though we were working in different time zones, the communication was great and the whole process was fluid. Kim makes the process easy, fun, personal and creates lovely work. ~ Jacki Oliphant

Kim is a straight shooter, she tells it like it is and there isn’t all the “FLUFF” that is typically associated with a sales type relationship. I did not have any hesitation to work with Kim after meeting her in person, even though I am in South Dakota, and she is in New York. I have already given her business cards to a couple of individuals that were blown away by our new business cards produced by Kim. We have had GREAT results; all products were quoted, designed, produced and delivered on time. What more could I ask for? Oh yes, the personal touch! Kim was so willing to answer my phone calls and answer all of my questions. If she did not have the answer, she was very honest, said she did not know, but would find out and get back to me. I really appreciate that! ~ Marsha Anderson

It’s hot to see my company name, all “decked” out! Makes me feel more official. I’ve learned some things about logo design along the way, and what we ended up with looks great. Kim was more than willing to adjust and change the logo, even minute little bits, and she’s really nice! Thanks so much! ~ Julia Halpin

Kim’s insight into the customer’s branding needs and her creativity is outstanding. Her graphic designs are stunning. Through her project management skills and support, our recent project is a great success with our client. ~ Marian Edson

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