How And Where To Use Logo Design

How and Where Will You Use Your Business Logo Design?

Do you know how and where you are currently (or should be) using your business logo design? You might think this is an unnecessary question. Or you never really stopped to think about it before. Take a couple minutes to jot down all the places you do or might use your business logo design.

I’m sure you included things like: letterhead, business cards, maybe a sign, website, social media…

logo uses

Even with this short list, you would need two or three file formats of your business logo design, and have it provided in two to three color spaces, to get the best results.

Why, you ask? Well, each of the items mentioned might have different production methods or display requirements. File formats and color spaces vary based on the end product requirements.

Asking yourself how and where you plan to use your business logo design will help you, or your graphic designer, to create the correct files and formats to get the best results possible. I’m sure that’s what you want from your business logo design.

Let me describe a possible story.

Your business logo design was created in Photoshop. It’s gorgeous! Subtle shadows surround the name, and there’s perfect gradation between the two colors you chose for your brand. Maybe there’s even a background image. It looks great on your website. And your business cards are lovely, but the colors aren’t as vibrant as on the website.

A colleague tells you about an upcoming conference and tradeshow. You think it would be a great opportunity to share your business story, and meet potential clients. You’ll need some kind of poster or display, and maybe some giveaways like pens and notebooks. Oh, and it would be great if you had a professional shirt to wear with your business logo design.

You didn’t plan ahead for using your business logo design in all these ways, but it should be okay. Here’s what you might discover:

  • For the poster, your logo design looks awful when it’s printed that large! All jagged and blurry looking… What happened?!
  • For pens or notebooks, you find there are full color options, but they’re expensive and out of your budget. But, you don’t have your logo as a single color design, and it looks terrible if you convert it to grayscale! So, you don’t order giveaways for the conference.
  • On to the shirt. You send the vendor your file, and holy cow, embroidery for one item costs way more than the shirt! And you saw samples of full color printed shirts, but you didn’t care for them. Now what?!

Whew, what a story and not with a happy ending for attending that event.

Here is how you can avoid a similar situation:

  • Make a comprehensive list of all the ways and places you could ever imagine using your business logo design.
  • Research ahead of time what file formats, sizes, colors spaces, and resolutions each application would require.
  • Discuss this list with your graphic designer, preferably before creating your business logo design.
  • Request that your final business logo design has a version that would work for each of the ways you plan to use it.
  • Also request a black and white or single color version of your business logo design.

This list should help you avoid having a similar sad story. If you want even more helpful information, keep reading to learn about my FREE Logo Design Success Toolkit. It even includes a branding checklist to help make a list of how and where you’ll use your business logo design.

Now, let me tell you a little bit about my upcoming ecourse, Learn2Logo & Launch Your Brand. I’ve spent the better part of a year researching, writing, reading, and learning how to create an ecourse all about logo design. I’ve waffled, stressed, put it down, picked it up, hid from it, and hid it away– all in the name of fear. But I can’t let that stop me from sharing the topic I love, and finally complete and launch my ecourse in 2016.


Learn2Logo is all about the research and decision-making that is the foundation of creating a custom logo design–from what your business is about, to what you sell, to who you serve, and why. You’ll learn about fonts, colors, shapes, plus mood boards, and even sketching ideas. And I’ve made sure to structure the ecourse to accommodate people who want to be creative, as well as those who want a professional to complete the design process.

I’ve put together a Logo Design Success Toolkit that contains some of the resources I’ve developed and collected for the ecourse, and I’d love to share it with you. Click on the button below to sign up and I’ll send it to you. If you find it useful, share the knowledge with your friends and colleagues!



Graphically yours,

Kim Bush

Owner of Evergreene Graphics.
Kim strives to be a valuable marketing partner to her clients through design, sharing, mentoring, and connecting - knowing a foundation based on giving fosters growth for everyone involved.

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